Mission Statement


Andy Boyles is dedicated to serving the real estate needs of his Clients with the utmost professionalism, quality service, and attention to detail. His goal is to represent each client like his own family, and to serve with Honesty, Integrity, Diligence, Expertise and Mastered Real Estate Techniques.

REALTOR® Fiduciary Duties to a client:
Loyalty: The agent owes undivided loyalty to the client and puts the client’s interests above their own.

• Obedience: The agent must obey all lawful orders that the client gives them.

• Confidentiality: The agent must keep confidential any information given to them by their client, especially information that may be damaging to the client in a negotiation.

• Care: The agent must use all of their skills to the best of their ability on behalf of the client.

• Disclosure: The agent must disclose to the client any information they receive that may benefit the client’s position in a negotiation.

• Accounting: The agent must account for all funds entrusted to them and not commingle (combine) client/customer funds with their personal and /or business funds.